Introduction of Power Measure Socket

May 31 , 2021

Power Measure Socket

   With the rapid popularization of high-power appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners, the electricity consumption of urban residents has also increased sharply. However, ordinary households generally only have one electric meter, lacking effective means and tools to monitor the power consumption of electrical equipment, and it is difficult to achieve scientific Reasonable use of electricity and energy saving, so the meter socket came into being.

1.  Function of Electricity Monitor Socket

It can provide you with data about the power consumption of connected electrical equipment. As long as you press the button of power meter, you can quickly and easily see the power measurement.

It can display measurement values such as voltage, ampere, power, frequency, CO2 emissions, power factor and overload value. You can also enter your electricity bill into the Power Energy Watt Meter, then it can help you display the actual electricity bill.

The Power Consumption Meter can also detect power abnormalities and hidden electrical hazards, view data records (usage, power consumption, etc.) at any time, set power, and automatically send an alarm if the power exceeds the set power to prevent electric fires. Strong flame-retardant shell, high-temperature flame-retardant PC material, anti-aging and cracking, equipped with fuse, safe and reliable

2. The Electricity Monitor Socket widely Used

The Socket Power Meter are applicable to most household appliances such as refrigerators, electric fans, air conditioners, heaters, hair dryers, air coolers, microwave ovens, ovens, rice cookers, etc. It is mainly used for power detection, environmental monitoring, electricity bill statistics, abnormal warning, etc.


In fact, it is difficult to become an expert in saving resources for the family by your own efforts. At this time, you need to find our helper: the power energy watt meter outlet, which can make you no longer worry about the waste of electricity, and no longer worry about not remembering every month. Don’t worry about not knowing which electrical appliance consumes electricity anymore. You can easily control and hold the whole family and save energy. Start here!

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