Experience of using smart wifi thermostat MTS700WB

July 02 , 2021

Experience of using smart wifi thermostat MTS700WB

In Europe, North America and other places, most cities are very cold in winter, so heating costs in winter have become a major expense for the family. If heating bills cost a few hundred dollars a month, that’s not a lot. At this time, we need to strictly control the temperature in room and the usage time of heating appliances to save costs. Then the temperature controller here can help us solve this problem.

Of course, many homes may already have a variety of Wireless Plug in Thermostat to help us maintain a comfortable temperature and save costs, but technology is always progressing and updating, and thermostat products are also upgrade to become more intelligent in the generation of updates.

Today, we will introduce the MTS700WB wifi thermostat socket based on the real experience of our customers all over the world.

1: Mike from Germany:

What makes me most satisfied with this smart thermostat plug is that it has WiFi and Bluetooth connection,Tuya APP are easy to control, you can finish all the operation on a mobile. When I go out, I think if I forget to set the heating to leave. When I was in New York, I wondered whether or not the heating should be turned off if I were not at home for many days. When I was about to go home, I thought about how cold the house was when I first got home, so I had to open it in advance. No problem now, just press on the phone.

2: Aloy from Australia:

When I received this thermostat from China, here just a friend in my home. When they knew that the thermostat socket outlet no need to install, it can be connected to electrical equipment directly by plugging in the electricity. They all thought it was great and convenient, except APP control on mobilphone anytime and anywhere, it can also control by voice, and this Smart Outlet Thermostat also with powerful countdown function.

3: Patrik from the Czech Republic:

After using the smart home thermostat socket for a period of time, it feels very good. I told my neighbor, she said it must be very expensive. In fact, it is only a dozen dollars a piece. It is very cost-effective. A smart phone can control all the devices in the house. It feels great


Based on customer experience, customer satisfaction with this thermostat socket is still quite high. If you need a thermostat, you might as well try this one.

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