- Smart home thermostat socket is convenient one button touch for 15 options changing timer (MTS700-T). - Convenient one button touch for 4 preset target temperatures and maintains constant temperature within +1/-1 ºC (MTS700-B). - wifi smart thermostat supports Bluetooth or WiFi linked, ISO and Android platform compatible (MTS700-B & MTS700-W). - Use APP to set timer, or target temperature or...
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  • 7 DAY PROGRAMMABLE (MTS400) Apr 27 , 2021
    Timer program (7 Days / 4 Times) Max rating : 3680W, 16A Heat program (7 Days / 4 Times) Cool program (7 Days / 4 Times) CD program (23:59:59) Voltage : 230V/50Hz, 120V/60Hz MTS500 size: L*W*H=14.6*8*6.5cm Gift box Size: L*W*H=15.5x9.2x7.5 cm PCS/CTN: 34 PCS/CTN
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  • How to Choose Temperature Controller May 21 , 2021
    Temperature Controller kinds and how to choose? There are three basic types of temperature controllers: switch temperature controllers, proportional controllers, and PID controllers. Depending on the system to be controlled, the operator will be able to use one type or other type of controller to control the process. Switch temperature controller The switch controller is the simplest kind of ...
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  • Intruduction of Room Thermostat May 26 , 2021
    Thermostat Plug 1. Introduction to the room thermostat plug The temperature controller (Thermostat), also called Thermostat Controlled Outlet, temperature protector, is divided into mechanical and electronic two types. It is mainly based on the temperature change of the working environment, and the physical deformation occurs inside the switch, which produces certain Special effects, a series of a...
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  • Introduction of Power Measure Socket May 31 , 2021
    Power Measure Socket    With the rapid popularization of high-power appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners, the electricity consumption of urban residents has also increased sharply. However, ordinary households generally only have one electric meter, lacking effective means and tools to monitor the power consumption of electrical equipment, and it is difficult to achieve ...
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  • Experience of using smart wifi thermostat MTS700WB Jul 02 , 2021
    Experience of using smart wifi thermostat MTS700WB In Europe, North America and other places, most cities are very cold in winter, so heating costs in winter have become a major expense for the family. If heating bills cost a few hundred dollars a month, that’s not a lot. At this time, we need to strictly control the temperature in room and the usage time of heating appliances to save co...
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  • wifi smart plug in socket Jul 05 , 2021
    Voice Controlled Wireless Thermostat-Plug With Wifi To meet the demand of a simple but smart Wifi control, We are always concentrate on developing different thermostat plug to meet different requires, an innovative control solution that was specifically designed to meet different setting meets on heater and cooler. Usually, Wifi thermostats require hard wiring due to the fact that Wifi thermostats...
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